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We believe that life should be full of firsts
and that we should continue celebrating those firsts throughout our lives!


Your first time in Italy

Your first road trip with friends

Your first view from a mountain top

Your first time riding horseback on the beach


Because our whole lives should be full of new experiences and adventures. Let it never be said of us that we lost our sense of wonder and love for life. This world has so much to offer that we can never do it all and see it all in one lifetime. Where have you always wanted to go? What have you always wanted to do? And why aren’t you doing it?


So whether you are 25, 55 or 75, it’s time for some firsts.

What will yours be?

My name is Heidi Perrin and I am the founder of Mystery Adventures. I have been planning adventures and vacations with new experiences for both family and friends for years. I love watching the anticipation of surprise and the pure joy when someone does something for the very first time. I love how the gifts of experiences shared with those you love create beautiful stories that are remembered for a lifetime. And I am very excited to help you create these stories with the people you love.


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7544 County Road 91
Stayner, ON  CANADA
L0M 1S0

Heidi and her husband, David, live in a little town in Southern Ontario, Canada. Their children are new adults and so the season has come for her to pursue her own passions – people and travel. What better way to do both than through Mystery Adventures.

Mystery Adventures Inc.

7544 County Road 91

Stayner, ON CANADA  L0M 1S0

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